Molding Solutions

Molding Solutions

Our Engineering Group provides customers with comprehensive component design assistance, with flexible tooling solutions and optimal manufacturing parameters. Molding process parameters are developed, tested and documented assuring repeatability and process control in the manufacturing environment. We focus our continuous improvement efforts on manufacturing efficiency and cost reduction during the engineering phase of each component project. Customer-partners have come to rely upon our engineering and tooling expertise to deliver their products to market quickly and cost effectively.

Applied Manufacturing Technologies

We utilize industry-leading automated injection molding systems in a lean manufacturing environment. We meet the unique needs of each customer by implementing leading edge manufacturing technology, which maximizes processing flexibility and minimizes throughput costs. This ensures repeatability and efficiency throughout the molding process. Specific-application robotics, assembly, and sorting systems produce highly efficient and flexible manufacturing solutions. A proactive systems maintenance program supports our manufacturing environment by eliminating performance-related processing variables. Integrating technology, research and training; our Associates are the dynamic force behind the success of our innovative thermoplastics solutions.

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